7. Grounding and equipotential bonding 1.Conductor 2. Grounding Components 3. CADWELD® Welded connection 4. Connectors 5. Foundation Earth 6. Potential equalization 7. Separating Spark Cap and Voltage Limiter 8. Grounding in computer rooms

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Lightning protection and overvoltage protection solutions from amperio

Made up of specialists from the former team at ERICO, the experts at amperio have decades of experience in protecting people and property from the effects of direct lightning strikes and possible transients. Services offered by amperio in this field include situational analyses and defining the degree of protection, protection angles, rolling sphere calculations, specifying approach distances and CVM analyses for field-activated lightning protection systems.

With its comprehensive range of components, special conductors and lightning/overvoltage devices, amperio is able to meet all protection requirements at an efficiency of up to 99%.

On request, amperio can take on entire projects together with its partners in the field of lightning protection – from planning and implementation through to the final inspection.

Earthing products and services from amperio:

Whether private homes, offices and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, wind turbines, solar power systems or high-voltage and medium-voltage plant substations:

amperio is there to support you and your projects together with leading global partners.

Solutions for connection technology::

With a comprehensive range of mechanically screwed, compressed or molecularly bonded (CADWELD) products, specially adapted connections are possible for any application.

The amperio range is rounded off here by surface, depth or star-shaped earth electrodes (or combinations thereof) with a high degree of short-circuit protection and low impedance.

On request, amperio can also carry out earth resistance measurements for implementing modified, low-resistance earth electrodes.

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